Tyvek® for Cargo Covers


Advanced multi-threat protection for your products

Specifically engineered to address the threat of cold chain breaks during air transit – when your perishable and temperature sensitive products are at their greatest risk for temperature excursions – Tyvek® Cargo Covers are used by pharmaceutical companies, perishables distributors, 3PLs and airlines worldwide.

Tyvek® Cargo Covers offer advanced multi-threat protection at an affordable price. Tyvek® Cargo Covers provide excellent protection against temperature excursions, physical hazards, harmful gasses and vapors, condensation damage, and biological threats. 

Additionally, Tyvek® Cargo Covers keep your products masked from view and offer tamper-evident installation to prevent the risk of theft and tampering.


The science behind Tyvek® Cargo Covers

Discover how the science behind Tyvek® Cargo Covers helps keep perishable and temperature sensitive products protected against a range of threats and hazards.  


Tyvek® Solar W10 Cargo Covers

Provide outstanding short-wave solar radiation protection to pharmaceuticals when exposed to sunshine conditions.


Tyvek® Solar W20 Cargo Covers

Are a superior reflector of solar radiation in the most important, highest intensity visible spectrum, greatly reducing heat gain.


Tyvek® Xtreme™ W50 Cargo Covers

Can withstand the physical challenges of long-haul shipping, performing as both a radiant shield and as a conduction barrier for cold-chain temperature control.


DuPont™ Tyvek® Cargo Covers product list 

For pharmaceuticals, perishables and temperature-sensitive products

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Tyvek® Cargo Covers for perishables

Tyvek® Cargo Covers allow your products to “breathe”, allowing O2 to permeate to support normal respiration of perishable products, while allowing harmful gases such as CO2 and ethylene to vent through the covers.

Tyvek® Cargo Covers for pharmaceuticals

The unique structure of Tyvek®—tough, continuous filaments—creates both a tortuous path for superior microbial barrier and excellent strength properties, making it an ideal protective material for healthcare applications.