Unparalleled heat and  flame resistance

In the face of dangerous conditions, the built-in, proven performance of Nomex® provides the performance to face any job with confidence. Whether it’s keeping people safe or protecting valuable assets, Nomex® always rises to the challenge.


Protecting those who protect us

We honor those who dedicate their life to protecting our freedom by providing them the most advanced protection solutions. Domestic or abroad, by land, sea or air, the brave always answers when duty calls, and bringing them back safely is our top priority.  


From the first alarm to the all-clear

Day in and day out, countless heroes put their lives on the line in emergency response situations. Because every second counts, the first responders that keep us safe deserve the most innovative, durable and comfortable protection to keep them safe. 


Taking safety to new heights 

Whether it’s commuting for work or exploring new worlds, we’re continuously improving the safety, efficiency and durability throughout the aerospace industry. Because when it comes to innovation, the sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the beginning. 


Keeping the lights on and on and on

As the global demand for power continues evolving, so does the need to meet it. And because so much depends on reliable access to it, we continue to transform the standard for protecting electrical equipment from transformers and generators to turbines and hybrid electric vehicles.