Banners and Signs

Look around you. Advertising is everywhere. That's why your signs and banners need every edge they can get. And that means strikingly vibrant colors to break through the clutter and all-weather survivability to last as long as possible.

DuPont Graphics solutions help your signs and banners get noticed - and remembered - again and again.

DuPont™ Tyvek® print media is an excellent choice for signs and banners because of its unique strength-to-weight ratio, its resistance to moisture, abrasion, tears and punctures and its recyclability.

Indoor Signs and Banners

Versatile and easy to use – especially for seasonal signage. Lightweight flexibility enables signage to be stored and reused time after time. A non-glare surface helps make messages easy to read, even from a distance. Edges can be stitch reinforced. Printable with traditional and digital printing technologies. M1 and B1 certificates for flame retardancy are available from our partners. Check our “Where to Buy” section


Rolling Display Panels

Thin and lightweight – more ads can be produced per roll compared with other substrates. Strong, durable and weather resistant – retaining their good looks even when rolled and unrolled. Versatile – messages can be printed, painted or adhesive lettered.


Outdoor Signs and Banners

Lightweight, strong and durable – withstand all weather conditions and are unaffected by water and extreme temperatures. Resist strong sunlight when light-fast inks are used – won’t yellow over time. Easy-to-read, non-glare surface. Edges can be stitch reinforced. Printable with offset or screen techniques. Inkjet  waterbased and solvent inks printing require specialized coatings. UV-Inkjet, HP Latex, Crystal point without coating. .