Nomex® LS

DuPont™ Nomex® LS

DuPont™ Nomex® LS is a technology platform offering new properties such as light weight and strength to the inherent flame retardant properties of Nomex® fibres.

In addition, LS technology is appropriate for blends with wool.

Fibre composition

93% 1.7 decitex DuPont™ Nomex® meta-aramid
5% DuPont™ Kevlar® para-aramid
2% antistatic fibre


N324 and N329 are yarns made of the Nomex® LS platform which helps provide superior aesthetics and mechanical properties to the fabrics made thereof.

Mainly used for applications where lightweight solutions are required, such as police uniforms, pilot suits; chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection outer fabrics, ballistic vest covers and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) suits and police officer uniforms.

Antistatic properties

Nomex® LS has antistatic properties – fabric is tested in accordance with EN 1149-3 and addresses the electrostatic protection requirements of EN 1149-5 for protective clothing.