EMS Clothing made with Nomex®

EMS Clothing — On-the-Scene Protection

EMS clothing helps give first responders the reliable protection they need so they can concentrate on saving victims lives.

In the face of an accident, EMS professionals are focused on one thing: that of saving a life. When every second counts, EMS clothing made of Nomex® steps up to help provide responders with protection against potential flash fire hazards. EMS Wear made of Nomex® fiber includes an inherently flame-resistant outer shell that helps improve the thermal performance of the entire garment — giving EMS professionals the valuable thermal protection they need when extracting someone from an accident site should a sudden flash fire occur. The breathable outer shell uses the same technology found in most firefighters’ turnout gear, but is lighter. Specifically designed to meet the demands of EMS professionals, EMS Wear made with Nomex® fiber offers:

  • More protection than standard EMS clothing garments of nylon and polyester
  • Lightweight and flame-resistant garments specifically designed to help address the demands of EMS professionals and provide mobility