Nomex® Brand

Nomex® never quits when everything’s on the line.

Nomex® provides lightweight, heat and flame-resistant performance for many applications.

There is no “next time.” There is no “can’t do that.” Not when the stakes are so high. Not when so much depends on it. There’s more than one reason why so many depend on Nomex®. Inherently flame resistant, Nomex® is three times stronger and offers twice the heat performance versus competitors. Nomex® empowers endless possibilities, from design to testing to commercial availability. If our scientists can help firefighters enter a burning building and an aircraft fly non-stop from NYC to Hong Kong, we can help your company tackle the toughest challenges.

Nomex® delivers reliable performance for increased confidence in the face of many dangerous conditions. Built on a 50-year track record, Nomex® provides proven, lightweight and durable solutions for a range of applications and industries. From keeping people safe while drilling beneath the earth’s core to rocketing into space, Nomex® has helped pioneer new frontiers and tackle what was once considered impossible. 

Nomex®. NEVER QUIT™.