Nomex® Wash & Care Recommendations

Garments of Nomex® help offer the following benefit

  • Permanent heat and flame protection
  • Durability and long wear life
  • Ease of wash and care
  • Resistance to most chemicals


Garments of Nomex® can be cleaned by home or industrial laundry or dry cleaning. The following suggestions will help keep your garments looking their best and optimise their wear life.

  • Read and carefully follow manufacturer’s laundering instructions.
  • Close/cover all Velcro® and zippers.
  • Empty all pockets.
  • Launder garments of Nomex® separately from other garments.
  • Do not overload laundry equipment.
  • Use detergents for coloured textiles, preferably liquid without bleaching agents.
  • Tumble dry garments at low temperature settings or hang dry away from any light source.
  • Store Nomex® garments away from any light source.