Tychem® 6000 F with dissipative socks

Earthing made easy through dissipative footwear as alternative to earthing cord

Introducing the incredible new Tychem® 6000 F with dissipative socks: This new coverall is the product response to the market demand for garment earthing thru dissipative footwear. To comply with today’s ever-advancing safety standards, the coveralls provide smart features for safety and comfort, including elasticated wrists, hood opening and waist, self-adhesive double zipper flaps and the all-important dissipative socks.


·         Suitable for explosive environments*

·         Provides a barrier against organic and highly concentrated inorganic chemicals

·         Features pioneering dissipative socks

·         Made from a DuPont unique fabric

·         Available in sizes S to XXXL

·         Made to order


*if considered for use in explosive environments, an application specific risk assessment is required

to validate coverall suitability. This can be complemented by a personal earthing monitor test.


Tychem® 6000 F with dissipative socks

DuPont™ Tychem® 6000 F with DISSIPATIVE socks, model CHA6a. Hooded coverall. Attached socks and boot flap. Stitched and over-taped seams. Thumb loops. Elastication at wrists, face and waist. Self-adhesive double zipper flap and chin flap. Grey.


  • Attached socks and boot flap

  • Dissipative sole (up to boot flap)

  • Waist and ankles for an optimal fit

  • Double cuffs, knitted inner cuffs

  • Thumb loops to prevent sleeves from riding up

  • Front closure with double zipper, double flap, outer flap with adhesive tape

  • Stitched and over-taped seams with barrier tape for protection and strength

  • New ergonomic hood perfectly fitting full-face masks

  • Hook and loop closure for full tightness

  • cat-3

    Chemical Protective Coverall Category III

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  • type3-new

    Type 3-B

  • type4-new

    Type 4-B

  • type5-new

    Type 5-B

  • type6-new

    Type 6-B

  • biological-new

    EN 14126

  • electrostatic-new

    EN 1149-5

  • radio-new

    EN 1073-2