The many different chemical PPE garments commercially available offer a bewildering and complex choice. DuPont makes it simple: with information, assistance, advice and excellent protective garments on the market today.

DuPont is committed to worker safety

Many industrial workers put their health at risk every day – it’s just part of the job. To do their jobs well, they need protection they can rely on and trust. Selecting the appropriate PPE helps prevent injury and inspires confidence.

At DuPont, we combine scientific innovation with material, garment and manufacturing expertise to provide a complete range of high performance PPE clothing that helps protect professionals, and allows them to perform on the task at hand.

Levels of protection for every hazard

From the comfortable limited-application of ProShield®, to the higher performance of Tyvek® and the comprehensive protection of Tychem®, DuPont chemical protective garments help provide the level of safety that addresses your needs and help keep your people safe. You can find your specific hazard – and the corresponding DuPont solution – on the chart below:


Innovation and expertise mean better products

DuPont Personal Protection has a rich heritage of sustained commitment to safety. Our goal is simple: create the optimum level of hazard protection in our garments and other equipment. In turn, our best efforts can then help the professionals who wear PPE on the task at hand.

DuPont services and training help reduce risks further

DuPont works very closely with industries so our product range addresses specific industry needs. But our commitment to safety doesn’t stop there. We also offer support to help in your garment selection, chemical risk assessment as well as training on the use of chemical protective clothing to help ensure that our garments are worn safely. For instance, Tyvek® and Tychem® protective clothing offer a comprehensive package of technical services, safety information and advice.

For users who seek customised assistance with garment selection, DuPont Personal Protection can offer an extensive personalized technical service. The Techline is available to answer technical questions. Our team of technicians manages a comprehensive database on physical properties, chemical permeation and penetration data on the materials used in Tyvek® and Tychem® coveralls.