DuPont unveils latest innovations in fire, chemical and biological protection at Interschutz 2015 

Nomex® 3DP innovation provides next generation firefighter protection

With a global reputation for innovation and development in heat and flame protection for professional and voluntary firefighters, DuPont Protection Technologies has announced the launch of its new Nomex® 3DP outershell fabric. This builds on over 40 years successfully keeping firefighters safe and completes the DuPont™ Nomex® portfolio.

DuPont™ Nomex® 3DP fabric is made up of two layers, using an intelligent weaving structure. This patented Flux Technology consists of an inner layer of DuPont™ Kevlar® and an outer layer of DuPont™ Nomex®. With different thermal shrinkage patterns, each layer reacts differently to heat flux, triggering increased levels of insulation. When a heat flux hits the outer layer of Nomex® the fibre reacts and thickens to increase the insulation barrier while the inner layer of Kevlar® offers high mechanical strength, providing three-dimensional protection and giving extra seconds of wearer safety. This weaving structure also provides a garment that is breathable, comfortable and flexible, while optimising durability and mechanical strength to enable longer wear-life and lower repair and replacement costs.


Introducing the new Tychem® ThermoPro - 360° protection in one garment

DuPont Protection Technologies will also be unveiling the new Tychem® ThermoPro coverall to firefighters and emergency response professionals at Interschutz. Whether responding to a traffic accident or containing an industrial emergency, responders need a garment that will protect them from many hazards. DuPont has taken over 40 years of industrial chemical and firefighting technology experience and innovation and created DuPont™ Tychem® ThermoPro.This single layer garment offers triple-hazard protection from inorganic and organic chemical splash, flash fire and electric arc by combining the trusted properties of Tychem® fabric with the flame protection of Nomex® fibre

A range of Tyvek® and Tychem® protective apparel will also be presented on the DuPont stand. These products are ideal for rescue and fire brigades that may be required to attend environmental clean-ups or disaster relief situations. Tyvek® and Tychem® chemical protection apparel complies with Category 3 and each model is certified as meeting the requirements of Types 3-6 as well as partly meeting those of EN 14126, Types 3-B and 4-B, depending on the material and purpose. Tyvek® and Tychem® apparel is also extremely lightweight, can be put on and taken off quickly and easily and offers good freedom of movement. This offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional chemical protection apparel, which tends to be heavier.


Nomex® garments put through their paces on Thermo-Man®
The latest top-of-the-range Nomex® fire protection apparel from DuPont Protection Technologies will be put to the test at Interschutz with burns on Thermo-Man®. These will be conducted in DuPont’s own self-contained unit, situated outside in the exhibition grounds. Firefighters will have the opportunity to see garments made from the recently launched DuPont™ Nomex® 3DP fabric tested in action, in addition to a dedicated burn test on the new Tychem® ThermoPro coverall.

DuPont also plans to showcase a range of innovative Kevlar® gloves that are ideal for firefighters, law enforcement and search and rescue teams who deserve the best possible hand protection. These new gloves have been manufactured by their key partners with Kevlar® fibre and guarantee robustness against cold, heat and sharp edges without losing comfort and dexterity.