Hot Gas Filtration for the Cement Industry with DuPont™ Nomex® KD

In the cement industry, Nomex® KD helps provide better filtration and dust retention, with greater reliability at lower energy and material costs.

DuPont™ Nomex® is an inherently thermal-resistant fibre that can withstand extreme stress, providing an ideal solution for hot gas filtration at continuous temperatures up to 200°C, with peaks up to 240°C.

The fine fibres Nomex® are used to help produce felts with low weight per unit area and high inflow velocities for improved filtration efficiency. Nomex® fibre is a product of choice in a wide range of high-temperature filtration applications. Filter bags of Nomex® are an industry leader in asphalt and cement manufacturing clinker coolers as well as in many other applications, helping to improve capacity, lower power costs and eliminate condensation.

Benefits of Nomex® KD
Intensive long-term field and laboratory testing has indicated that, compared to conventional needle felt filtration media, Nomex® KD helps offer cement manufacturers opportunities to reduce operating energy and material costs through enhanced filtration performance and more reliable service lifetime, reducing the need for frequent and costly filter replacements.

Results of Field-Testing
Nomex® KD has been undergoing rigorous cement field-testing since November 2009. Now, over two years later, the results are in. Nomex® KD jet pulse filter bags were subjected to commercial hot gas filtration conditions in a water spray kiln cooling system involving acid flue gases at ± 10% humidity and continuous 120°C to 180°C temperatures, with peaks up to 220°C. Well over two years after installation, testing bags made of Nomex® KD are still in place and continue to fulfill the below 30 mg/Nm3 filtration emission requirement.

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