Fiber Optic Cables Made with Kevlar®

High Performing Fiber Optic Cables with Kevlar®

DuPont™ Kevlar® K29 AP and Kevlar® K49 AP fiber reinforcement helps provide improved flexibility in the design and manufacturing of fiber optic cables.

Kevlar® K29 AP and Kevlar® K49 AP help provide the fiber optic cable industry with better-performing, more cost-effective products, and improved flexibility in cable design and manufacturing, mechanical properties, and coverage of the optic fiber.

For example, in premise cable tests, Kevlar® K29 AP light denier yarn has 15% more tenacity and 28% more tensile modulus compared to Kevlar® K29 1000 denier yarn, resulting in lower cable strain and higher cable load — with material savings that can exceed 10%.

Kevlar® K49 AP, which is suitable for outdoor/ADSS fiber optic cables, can help manufacturers either develop longer-span, more robust cables with the same number of para-aramid strength members, or modify the design of existing cables to achieve material savings.

For single fiber optical cables, Kevlar® AP yarns also provide crush resistance, cushion protection and a more uniform coverage of the optic fiber, helping to make cable production more efficient.