Kevlar® AS (Anti Stab) Solutions for Multi Threat Protection

Kevlar® AS Provides Solutions to Today’s Hazards

Traditionally, body armour has been designed to protect mainly against bullets and fragments.

These days, the market requires more sophisticated armour capable of protecting the wearer from multiple hazards such as knives, spikes, bullets, fragments and blunt impact.

In order to respond to the rise in multiple threat levels DuPont organised their Research and Development around a novel concept called Multi Threat Protection (MTP), which combines both ballistic and anti stab protection in one solution design.

Most of the Western European countries have already adopted the MTP concept for their police forces.

The Kevlar® AS range of products consists of selected fabrics made of DuPont™ Kevlar® fibres that are laminated and cured with a DuPont proprietary film.

Kevlar® AS 400 laminates are available in sheet form. Flexible and comfortable, they can allow for the design of ergonomic vests. They also offer an appropriate balance between price and performance.

The Kevlar® AS 400 solutions are available in two different weights under the names AS 400S (single resin coated) and AS 400D (double face resin coated).

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