Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments: Armourshield UK

Kevlar® Dare Bigger™ Moments

Armourshield UK was founded in 1974 at the same time Body Armour was first introduced to DuPont™ Kevlar®.  Kevlar® was being pilot woven by Fothergill & Harvey just outside Manchester.   Michael Sacks, managing director of Armourshield, started ballistic testing with the assistance of Greater Manchester Police and UK Home Office and within a short term provided 43 British Police forces and the Ministry of Defence with the new lightweight flexible Body Armour.

“We at Armourshield continue to be a most supportive company utilizing DuPont™ Kevlar®, saving so many lives for over 40 years!” said Michael Sacks.


Armourshield Police Vest
Armourshield Military Vest

Today, Armourshield has a wide range of armored solutions catering to the needs demanded by governments worldwide. The company prides itself on customer confidentiality while offering a highly sophisticated and cost effective product range.

The Dare Bigger™ brand platform represents inspiration for anyone who relies on the safety and performance of Kevlar®. The science behind this advanced material, coupled with its strength and durability, allows us to push boundaries, defy limits and challenge the conventional. From athletes to astronauts, law enforcement, military, first responders and industrial workers, the Dare Bigger™ campaign under Kevlar® enables anyone with an imagination and a job to do to be inspired.

Visit the Armourshield UK website to learn more about Armourshield and how they are inspired by the Dare Bigger™ campaign with DuPont™ Kevlar®.”

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