Nomex® 411

Nomex® 411 Features High Bulk and Conformability

DuPont™ Nomex® 411 is a lower density version of Nomex® 410 that offers increased impregnability and saturability.

DuPont™ Nomex® 411 is a lower density version of Nomex® 410, the original form of Nomex® paper.  Due to its lower density, Nomex® 411 has correspondingly lower electrical and mechanical properties than Nomex® 410.  However, the tensile strength of Nomex® 411 can be significantly increased through heat treatment under certain specific conditions.

Due to its more open structure, Nomex® 411 offers increased saturability of varnishes and resins compared to Nomex® Type 410.  The exact amount of improvement depends on the specific varnish, application technique and product thickness. In one test, with hand-dipped varnish, Nomex® 411 showed a 40% saturability improvement compared to Nomex® 410.  With vacuum-pressure impregnation, the saturability improvement was as high as 200%.

This increased impregnability and saturability make Nomex® 411 suitable for use in cast resin applications as turn and layer insulation.  Nomex® 411 is also used in applications such as motor phase insulation and transformer coil end filler, where high bulk and conformability are of prime importance.  

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