Nomex® Insulation Helps Meet Transformer Safety Needs

Transformer Safety - DuPont™ Nomex® Insulation

Transformer safety is a primary concern for all electricity utilities.  Using Standard HN 52-S-23, Electricité de France (EDF), the national electricity utility, accredited Securamid® dry-type transformers manufactured by Transfix with an insulation system based on DuPont™ Nomex®.  This standard includes transformer safety during operation and, in particular, behavior in case of fire and potential environmental risk. 

Application Description 

Following the accreditation, EDF Lille placed an order with Transfix for 15 Securamid® transformers (1,000 kVA each) for Euralille, a major city-center complex of offices, shops, conference rooms and a 4,500-seat concert hall. EDF Lille selected Securamid® transformers with Nomex® brand insulation for this project because of their proven safety and reliability. 

Benefits Gained

Transformer safety:   Nomex® insulation is chemically very stable, even at elevated temperatures.  It can withstand continuous operating temperatures as high as 220°C and even in fire conditions, it is auto-extinguishing.  When it eventually decomposes, Nomex® insulation generates practically no smoke or toxic gases.

Reliability:   The excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties of Nomex® insulation help ensure uninterrupted power for these commercial buildings.

Compact size:   The use of Nomex® insulation enables Securamid® transformers to be smaller and lighter weight at a given power rating, which saves valuable space.

Materials Selected and Why  

Nomex® insulation plays a major role in the safety and reliability of Securamid® dry-type transformers due to its outstanding thermal and chemical stability, excellent mechanical strength and dielectric strength.

Dowload a complete PDF of this Case Study here: EDF Recognizes Safety and Reliability of Securamid® Transformers

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