Only Nomex® Insulation for Brithinee Electric Motor Repairs 

Since the early 1980s, Brithinee Electric has been meeting the evolving electric motor repair needs of its diverse customer base with an uncompromising demand for quality and the exclusive use of DuPont™ Nomex® brand paper and Nomex® based laminates.

Application Description

Brithinee Electric works with a diverse customer base throughout the United States that includes:  municipalities; utilities; food processors; rock and gravel producers; cement companies; air conditioning contractors; chemical companies; paper and plastic producers; wind farms; locomotive manufacturer; and OEMs.

Examples of specific electric motor repair applications include:

  • Pump and motor repairs for municipal water and wastewater treatment in Southern California—an area populated by more than 19 million people in hundreds of communities.
  • Locomotive engine fan motor repairs.  Of the approximately 21,000 locomotive motors in the United States, Brithinee Electric has reconditioned and rewound more than 3,000 of them, using Nomex® paper to give these motors a new level of reliability.

Benefits Gained

Extended motor life:   Because Nomex® paper has exceptional insulation properties, such as thermal stability, moisture resistance and dielectric strength, it plays a critical role in helping extend motor life.

Zero winding failures:   Brithinee Electric is proud of its record of zero winding failures during the one-year warranty period after an electric motor repair and holds a strong belief in the critical importance of continuing to achieve zero failures.  According to Wally Brithinee, “Nomex® plays a big part in helping us meet that goal.  We will not compromise.”

Original performance levels exceeded:   “One of the things that Nomex® does for us is that it meets or exceeds standards for slot cell insulation of 99% of the motors we repair,” said Don Brithinee.  “We can be highly confident that when we use Nomex®, we’re shooting at or above the original performance levels of the motor and generator manufacturers.”

Materials Selected and Why

More than 30 years ago, Brithinee Electric decided to move to the exclusive use of Nomex® paper and Nomex® based laminates for reliable, superior performance.  According to Don Brithinee, “Nomex® is the premium product for insulation and distinguishes us from many other companies.”  His brother Wally Brithinee added, “As technology advances, raw materials play a critical role as building blocks of quality, and Nomex® is a big part of that.”

For Brithinee Electric, Superior Motor Performance Means Nomex® Paper and Laminates