Nomex® Is Key to Quality for Flanders’ Industrial Motor Repair

Founded as a small industrial motor repair shop in 1947, Flanders Electric has grown into a highly competitive enterprise that now provides advanced technological expertise to critical power equipment customers who demand the highest quality products and services.  An integral part of the quality equation for Flanders Electric is the use of DuPont™ Nomex® brand paper and Nomex® based laminates for the insulation of motors and generators.

Application Description

In addition to industrial motor repair, Flanders Electric offers design, manufacture and repair of generators, controls and drives that power critical industries, including:  coal, copper and phosphate mining; aluminum, steel and chemical processing; and other heavy industries and utilities.  Using high-quality materials, such as Nomex® insulation, combined with Flanders Electric’s strengths in design and engineering results in a comprehensive, solutions-oriented offering for its customers.

“Before Nomex® insulation came along in the early 1970s, we used rag paper for insulation,” said Roy Patterson, president and co-owner of Flanders Electric.  “There was no tolerance for high temperatures.  Now, with the use of Nomex® insulation, we give our customers the best insulation we can offer.”

The company’s specialty is designing and building high-quality custom products to meet the needs of individual customers with special requirements.  Many of these customers need to increase production dramatically, putting more power in the same space. 

“Every new design we develop incorporates a Nomex® insulation system,” said Dave Patterson, co-owner of Flanders Electric.  He noted that for highly critical designs—getting the maximum amount of horsepower out of a given frame—Flanders Electric uses Nomex® based laminate systems, specifically Nomex® based laminate type NKN. 

“An example of this application would be a 900-volt-plus DC motor or generator design with extremely limited insulation space,” explained Dave Patterson.  “There we use Kapton® insulation laminated between two layers of Nomex® insulation, providing extra strength.”

Benefits Gained

Longer service life:   “Quality materials, such as Nomex® insulation, combined with good design and sound engineering principles and practices, help the production equipment last longer,” said Spike Bell, sales executive at Flanders Electric.

Design freedom:   Flanders Electric is designing increasingly powerful systems in limited spaces, which requires the highest-density insulation possible.  Nomex® based laminate systems deliver the strength, thermal stability, overload capacity and electrical properties needed for these highly critical designs.

Quality and reliability:   Motor and generator failure can lead to unplanned downtime, a potential disaster for customers who operate 24/7 all year long. Nomex® insulation systems can withstand the electrical overloads and higher heat cycles that typically cause these premature failures.

Materials Selected and Why 

Flanders Electric uses Nomex® paper and Nomex® based laminates because these advanced insulation materials meet the company’s high quality standards for industrial motor repair and enable them to design increasingly powerful systems in limited spaces to meet their customers’ evolving needs.  As Roy Patterson said, “Now, with the use of Nomex® insulation, we give our customers the best insulation we can offer.”

Nomex® Brand Paper Meets High Standards for Flanders and its Customers