Cato® Herbicide

Cato® Reliable, Effective Tomato & Potato Herbicide

DuPont™ Cato® is a water dispersible granular tomato and potato herbicide for post-emergent control of various annual weeds as listed in potatoes and tomatoes.

Tomato & Potatoes
You grow them – We protect them

  • Looking for a high quality tomato and potato herbicide?
  • Want crop protection products to be sympathetic to the environment and operators?
  • Need to rule out surprises when you’re ready to trade your produce?

DuPont offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for effective crop protection that also helps growers meet increasingly stringent trading requirements.

DuPont™ Cato®
Active Ingredient:

Rimsulfuron (sulfonylurea) ....250 g/kg....

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