Tomato Protection

The Ideal Solutions For Professional Tomato Farming

Control insects, diseases and weeds with reliable DuPont products and services.

DuPont Crop Protection focuses on research and innovation while working with tomato growers across South Africa and worldwide to understand their specific needs. DuPont partners with them so they can produce profitable crops that their customers will want to buy.
By offering a wide range of proven solutions for weed, pest and disease control, growers have the tools that fit their individual program so they can produce healthier, more marketable tomatoes.

While it can often be known for growing in conditions not suited for other crops, variable weather, disease and pest pressure can keep growers from realizing the full potential of their hectares.

DuPont Crop Protection works with growers and processors to understand changing conditions and develop solutions for reliable weed, pest and disease control to help them deliver more of this nutritious food to help feed the ever growing world populations of 7 billion.

DuPont offers a range of products for reliable protection of tomato appearance and quality. This includes broad spectrum and efficient herbicide and fungicide products such as Cato® and Curzate®, Tanos®, Steward® and the newly developed insecticide Prevathon™.

DuPont, your partner in tomato farming!

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