Tobacco Protection

Profitable Tobacco Farming Requires Keeping Pests Out

A wide variety of weeds and insects can compete with tobacco at all stages of the growing season. Heavy weed and insect pressure reduces yields and cuts into profits.

DuPont Crop Protection focuses on research and innovation while working with tobacco growers across South Africa.

DuPont offers products for reliable protection of tobacco appearance and quality.
Targeted and effective defense against root-knot nematodes of tobacco, DuPont offers Vydate®: a granular nematicide based on oxamyl to defend the tobacco crop, against nematodes.

While it can often be known for growing under conditions not suited for other crops, variable weather, disease and pest pressure can keep growers from realizing the full potential of their hectares.

DuPont Crop Protection works with growers and processors to understand changing conditions and develop solutions for reliable weed, pest and disease control.

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