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Make Hops, Cotton and Sugar Cane Farming More Productive and Efficient

Control insects, diseases and weeds and increase yield in hops, cotton and sugar cane farming, with reliable products and services from DuPont.

DuPont Crop Protection has solutions to help growers in South Africa manage the uncertainties which are always related with farming. Targeted protection from insects, weeds, and diseases, combined with local support, can help growers create reliable, sustainable solutions to improve productivity and profitability in crops such as hops, cotton and sugar cane.
Hops, cotton and sugar cane farming has in recent years developed into a modern professional driven production industry in South Africa.

DuPont Crop Protection focuses on research and innovation while working with growers all across South Africa to create solutions for a raising demand of productivity and efficiency.

While it can often be known for growing in conditions not suited for other crops, variable weather, disease and pest pressure can keep growers from realizing the full potential of their hectares.

DuPont Crop Protection works with growers and processors to understand changing conditions and develop solutions for reliable weed, pest and disease control in hops, cotton and sugar cane farming.

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