Vydate® SL Insecticide/Nematicide

Vydate® SL – Reliable Systemic Nematode Control

DuPont™ Vydate® SL is a broad-spectrum nematode control insecticide/nematicide of key pests in vegetable crops, sugarcane, stone fruit and tobacco.

The active ingredient in Vydate® SL is oxamyl. Oxamyl has a unique systemic action with an upward movement from the root system to the leaves. This allows Vydate® SL to have a secondary activity: it is toxic by ingestion and controls sucking and mining insects: aphids, thrips, leafminers. Not only does it prevent direct damage from such pests, but it also decreases the risk of transmission of viruses of which sucking insects are vectors.

Vydate® is highly water soluble and has excellent systemic activity. Applied to the soil, it is rapidly absorbed by the roots and distributed to the leaves. Applied to the leaves, it is rapidly absorbed and distributed to the roots.

Vydate® SL is very selective, allowing an early application to the crop and over its vegetative growth stage, as a foliar application.

The liquid formulation of Vydate® SL is soluble in water and is mainly applied as a foliar application in a spray program to maintain season-long insect and nematode control.

Vydate® SL acts by contact on Nematodes and affects them in different ways:

  • Causes paralysis (nematostatic properties)
  • Inhibits movement and orientation towards roots
  • Inhibits root penetration and feeding, often leading to death
  • Decreases reproduction
  • Inhibits egg development & hatching

Vydate® effectively controls potato leaf miner and the reduction of aphids in potatoes and thrips in sugarcane and potatoes. Vydate® also protects sugarcane, tobacco, stone fruit, tomato, onions and potato crops during the critical phase of establishment and early growth from nematode attack and damage, namely: Meloidogyne spp. (rootknot), Pratylenchus spp, Rotylenchus spp. and other nematode species.

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