Accent® Herbicide

Accent® Maize Herbicide: Proven Efficacy - Improved Formulation

Well known product with excellent efficacy against a wide spectrum of annual and perennial grasses as well as several broadleaf weeds.

Early post-emergence over the top application when maize is in the 2 – 5 leaf stage. Only on Accent® tolerant maize hybrids (listed on new Accent® label). Directed spray when the maize is in the 7- 10 leaf stage, but not later than 10 leaf stage. Apply by means of drop arms so as to avoid spraying directly into maize funnel. Always apply Accent® at a rate of 60 g/ha with an adjuvant, as prescribed on the label, in order to enhance foliar uptake by target weeds. Ensure that the target weeds are adequately covered by the Accent® spray mixture. Refer to Accent® label for full recommendations and spray tank cleaning procedure.

Accent® – Maize Herbicide Key Benefits:

  • Good crop tolerance
       Optimal yield potential and lower risk of crop response
  • Foliar and/or root uptake
       More versatile uptake mechanism for more consistent weed control
  • Wide application window
       Improved time management, better control and lower risk of crop response
  • Lower use rates
       Ease of use, fewer containers to store, handle, dispose of and less risk of personal injury due to handling heavy containers
  • Variable soil residual properties
       Ability to optimize residual weed control with crop rotation flexibility
  • Patented soluble granule formulations
       Easier, faster application, equipment cleanout with less waste water disposal
       Higher bioavailability for more consistent weed control
  • Patented homogenous blends
       Unique, multiple active ingredient offerings targeted to address needs of specific customer segments
  • Extremely low volatility
       No damage to non-target plants or desirable vegetation from vapor movement
       No significant decline of residual activity if activating moisture does not come soon after application
  • Lower risk of surface water movement and downward movement in the soil
       After application, SU's are unlikely to damage non-target vegetation through lateral movement or contaminate ground water
       Product remains in the root zone for optimum weed control

Accent® Maize Herbicide - If it does not say Accent® it is NOT!

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