Acanto® Plus 280 SC Fungicide

Acanto® Plus 280 SC, Effective Soybean & Maize Fungicide

Studies have demonstrated that Acanto® Plus 280 SC fungicide will provide more reliable plant health and disease control for improved yields you will see.

The higher yield results are due to the maintenance of green leaf area “greening effect”. Because of this greening effect leaves have the potential to still be able to photosynthesize much later in season. The potential for prolonged photosynthesis will result in increased yields under certain conditions.

Acanto® Plus 280 SC is a combination of group code 11 and group code 3 fungicides. Any fungus population may contain individuals naturally resistant to group code 3 or code 11 fungicides. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the fungus population if these fungicide groups are used separately on a continuous basis on their own. The use of Acanto® Plus 280 SC will help minimize the occurrence of resistant fungi to either of the group code 3 and group code 11 fungicides on their own.

Acanto® Plus 280 SC Soybean & Maize Fungicide Key Benefits:

  • More complete coverage because it is rapidly absorbed and moves quickly into and within each plant. This can help compensate for less-than-ideal timing, since weather and other crop demands can make it difficult to plan fungicide applications perfectly.
  • A broad-spectrum fungicide that will deliver more reliable results by controlling foliar fungal diseases.
  • Strong preventative, residual and curative activity.
  • Unique movements within the plant and crop canopy.
  • Resistance management strategy with the two different active ingredients.

Acanto® Plus 280 SC - Soybean & Maize Fungicide - SEE THE DIFFERENCE, REALIZE THE POTENTIAL.

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