Equation® Pro Fungicide

Grape Fungicide With Complementary Actives For Excellent Control

DuPont™ Equation® Pro is a powerful and effective grape fungicide for control of downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) in wine- and table grapes.

Equation® Pro contains the active ingredients Famoxadone and Cymoxanil that complement each other perfectly in the distribution and mode of action. Famoxadone has specific binding properties of a long-lasting and weather-independent protective effect on the treated leaf, stem and grape surfaces. Cymoxanil is evenly distributed in the plant tissue and acts prophylactically for 1-2 days after a successful infection (curative), especially on the fungal mycelium. At the same time a defense reaction (hypersensitivity) in the host plant itself is triggered by Cymoxanil, which leads to a local symptom-encapsulation. This powerful combination of active ingredients simultaneously represents an effective resistance management.

Advantages of Equation® Pro at a glance:


  • Builds on two complementary active ingredients: Famoxadone and Cymoxanil
  • Long-lasting and weather-independent protective effect on leaf and grape surfaces
  • Water dispersible granules easy to use


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