Acanto® 250 SC Fungicide

Acanto® 250 SC, Reliable, Effective Cereal Fungicide

DuPont™ Acanto® 250 SC is a strobilurin potato and cereal fungicide. Its active ingredient, picoxystrobin, has a unique 3-way combination of movement. This provides unrivalled protection of new growth.

Acanto® 250 SC is unique in the way it delivers the disease control required to protect both existing and new growth. No other strobilurin provides the effective combination of systemic and translaminar movement, redistribution by air and diffusion in the wax of the leaf surface. These properties combine to give uniform protection of the treated crops such as cereals and potatoes, which is maintained throughout the vigorous early growth stages. When sprayed onto the leaf surface Acanto® 250 SC is rapidly absorbed into the plant and becomes mobile in the vascular system.

Acanto® 250 SC Fungicide Key Benefits:

  • Unique movement properties:

       •  Rapid uptake and systemic distribution in the plant.

       •  Translaminar movement.

       •  Absorption by and diffusion within the wax layer at the plant surface.

       •  Redistribution by air.

  • The 3-way action protects new growth.
  • Unique 3-way movement combination.
  • Broad spectrum potato and cereal fungicide.
  • Curative and preventative activity.
  • Choice of tank mix partners, nozzle types & water volumes.
  • Lower water volumes allow faster coverage of the crop.
  • Allows flexibility in application timing.

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