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Danone Case Study

Danone Water division case study

Sustainable safety improvement through standardization: Danone’s wise programme

The Danone Waters division is one of the four business divisions that comprise the Danone Group. With over 80,000 employees at 162 production sites in 120 countries, the Danone Group is one of the global market leaders in healthy food production. The Waters division is the second largest producer of packaged water, including brands such as Evian, Volvic and Aqua. Having sold roughly 18 billion litres of water in 2008, Danone holds approximately 11% of the global marketshare.

Safety has long been a core value of the Danone Group, but in 2004 it was recognized that safety improvements were lag-ging behind the industry average. “The Safety value existed in Danone, but was not on the forefront of our daily activities,” as stated by Marc Grosser, Labour Relations and Social Responsi-bility Director. In response to this, a new approach to safety management, the WISE programme, was developed with the help of DuPont.

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