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DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS)

Expertise That Delivers Sustainable Business Solutions

DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ triple bottom line approach has produced results for clients worldwide, in industries from petroleum refining to mining. Our customized solutions emphasize on the importance of sustainability help maximize corporate sustainability strategy, workplace safety, operational efficiencies, environmental management, sustainable business practices, and process technologies.

Today, sustainable business solutions require more than a robust bottom line. Companies face unprecedented societal, regulatory and market pressures. Our expert consultants collaborate with organizations to create custom sustainable management services that improve human, environmental and financial performance — for a better triple bottom line.

Our targeted sustainable business solutions are focused on achieving results. We can help your organization lower injury rates and raise productivity, outpace benchmarks and exceed regulations, optimize capital returns, enhance process technologies, and reduce costs — and boost your return on investment.

For over 30 years, DSS has implemented successful engagements for businesses worldwide in the oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, mining, chemicals, transportation, construction and aerospace industries, among others.