Firefighter Protection

Watching Over Our Bravest With Firefighter Protection

Because firefighters risk their lives to save others, we make it our mission to understand their safety needs.

We work hard to provide solutions, develop next-generation materials, foster innovation, and forge new research relationships with manufacturers to help them shape the future of firefighter protection. Most of all, we work to help firefighters — and their families — feel secure against the hazards they face on the job.

Protection against heat and flames

Unlike other materials available to firefighters and emergency service personnel, protective clothing made of Nomex® fibre is inherently flame-resistant and won’t melt, drip or support combustion in the air.

Fabrics from Nomex® fibre are soft and lightweight. Their high air permeability allows body heat out of the garment, thus reducing heat stress – the number one cause of casualties among firefighters.

For firefighters intervening in a host of situations like flood and water rescues, car accidents and paramedical tasks, garments of Nomex® fibre helps provide needed protection and are comfortable to wear – not just when fighting fires, but on a day-to-day basis too.