Dare Bigger™ With Kevlar®

For over 50 years, Kevlar® has provided strength and protection to firefighters, police officers and soldiers. Today, it’s inspiring athletes to soar higher and farther than ever before. Whether it’s a surfboard that won’t snap, a helmet that won’t crack, or a shoe that won’t blow out during a dead lift, as part of the Dare Bigger™ campaign, Kevlar® fiber helps remove doubt in your gear.

Gary Linden

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Dare Bigger™ with Kevlar® and Gary Linden Surfboards

See how the strength and durability of Kevlar® has taken surfboards made by surfing legend Gary Linden to the next level. 

Cam Zink

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DuPont Kevlar® helps Cam Zink Dare Bigger™

Profiling Cam Zink, as he breaks the Guinness World Record backflip, while wearing DuPont™ Kevlar® protection.

Consumer Products made with Kevlar®

Check here to see what new and exciting applications our licensees are producing with genuine DuPont™ Kevlar®.